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Punch Free Door Closer ( Automatic )

Punch Free Door Closer ( Automatic )

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 Looking for a door closer that will automatically close your door without making a sound?

Look no further than the Punch Free Door Closer. This closer is perfect for residential doors, interior doors, explosion-proof doors, and commercial doors. It is also very suitable for home use, small offices, sheds, ranches, and home offices.


Mute Door Closing

There is no longer a need to be concerned about door handles and loud closing noises because this product has been enhanced to include a silicone bumper, which may cushion and prevent your hands from getting stuck.


One of the most frequent problems when installing a door closer is that it is not tightly attached. We have designed a new type of adhesive-free door closer, which is easy to install and does not need to be perforated. The installation process saves you time and effort, and its flexibility makes it easier for you to replace the door closer if needed.


This door closer has an approved design with a high tensile force and is suitable for room doors or doors with strong closing force. The wire rope has passed 50,000 tests of tensile forces and rebound tests, which means that it has a strong tensile property and is suitable for all types of doors: external/internal door closers, cabinet doors, wardrobes sliding doors, left/right opening sliders, wooden/metal doors, residential/commercial doors, fire door.

Characteristic Anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, no rust, stable, wear-resistant, weather-proof, quiet, safe shut-off device.


What Is a Punch Free Door Closer? How Do They Work?

Punch-free door closers are a special type of door closer designed to avoid injury. This blog post will teach you more about how they work and the benefits of using punch-free door closers.


What Is a Punch Free Door Closer?

Punch free door closers is a tool that are designed to slowly and smoothly close a door, without the need for constant adjustment. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at how punch free door closers work, and whether or not they may be a good option for your home.


Types of Door Closers

There are three types of door closers: surface-mounted, concealed, and semi-concealed. Surface-mounted door closers are the most common type. They're easy to install and don't require any special tools or knowledge. Concealed door closers are hidden from view and are ideal for applications where aesthetics are important. Semi-concealed door closers are similar to surface-mounted door closers, but they're not as visible.


Benefits of a Punch Free Door Closer

There are many benefits of having a punch free door closer. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you won't have to worry about punching a hole in your door! But there are other, more practical benefits as well.

For one, a punch free door closer is much more adjustable than a traditional door closer. This means you can fine-tune the closing speed and force to suit your needs. This is especially useful if you have small children or pets who might be accidentally injured by a slamming door.

Another benefit of a punch free door closer is that they're usually much easier to install. Most don't require any special tools or skills, so you can probably do it yourself in just a few minutes.

Finally, punch free door closers tend to be more reliable and durable than their traditional counterparts. This means you can count on them to last for many years, even with heavy use.


How to Install a Punch Free Door Closer

If you're looking for an easy way to install a door closer, then you might want to consider a punch free door closer. These types of closers don't require any drilling or screwing, so they're perfect for those who want a quick and easy installation. Plus, they're also great for doors that are already pre-drilled. Here's what you need to know about punch free door closers and how to install them.

Punch free door closers are basically brackets that you can attach to the top or bottom of your door. They usually come with two parts: the main bracket and the smaller bracket that attaches to the door. To install a punch free door closer, simply line up the brackets and then push them together until they snap into place. That's it!

One thing to keep in mind is that punch free door closers are not meant for heavy doors. If you have a heavier door, then you'll need to use a different type of closer. But for most standard doors, a punch free closer will work just fine.

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