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1080° Turbo Faucet Spray

1080° Turbo Faucet Spray

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Upgrade Your Faucet with Our Revolutionary Universal 1080° TurboSpa Faucet Spray -

Perfect for Easy Cleaning and Versatile Water Flow!

  • Anti-splash feature keeps your kitchen and bathroom clean and dry.
  • Versatile & Rotatable.
  • Dual-function & Eco-friendly.
  • Easy to install & Durable.
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Universal fitting- Fits almost all faucets.

Note: Please check the size of your faucet connection before purchasing. It does not fit pull-out, non-circular and threadless faucets.

1080° Swivel Rotation & Robotic Arm Swivel Extension

  • The TurboSpa Faucet Spray has a 1080° swivel rotation that allows you to easily adjust the direction of the water flow to any angle you need.
  • The robotic arm swivel extension can be adjusted to different heights and angles, making it easy to reach every corner of your sink and wash your dishes with ease.

Dual-Function Water Flow with 30% Water Saving

  • The spray head has dual-function water flow with a gentle bubble stream for daily washing, wash face, mouth, dishes and other subtle cleaning
  • Powerful shower spray with high pressure is best for tough cleaning wash the stains around the washbasin or kitchen sink.
  • With the TurboSpa Faucet Spray, you can save up to 30% water compared to conventional faucets, making it an eco-friendly choice for your home.

Easy Installation & Universal Compatibility

  • The aerator can be easily installed on most standard faucets without the need for any special tools or professional help.
  • It is easy to set up and maintain, and it's a great long-term option for filtering water. Simply unscrew the aerator from the threaded tip of the faucet and replace it with our TurboSpa rotatable faucet.
  • Universal threaded interface, suitable for most faucets (24mm, 22mm, 20mm)

Note: Please measure the faucet diameter before purchase.

Durable & Versatile

  • Our TurboSpa faucet spray is made up of high-quality ABS plastic with chrome Finishing, giving your sink faucet a premium appearance. The features of this sink sprayer attachment are precise and well-finished.
  • It has an ABS body for added strength making it perfect for long-term use.
  • Four-layer filter element filters remove impurities in the water. It can be used in the kitchen to rinse vegetables and fruits, dishes, sinks, etc. It can also be used for daily washing in the bathroom, shampooing, washing towels, etc.


  • 1 x 1080° TurboSpa Faucet Spray
  • All order received will be shipped only after confirmation and will be processed in 2-3 business days.
  • Orders placed from Friday to Sunday will be processed on Monday.
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: ABS Plastic
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