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9 in 1 Pushup Board Pro

9 in 1 Pushup Board Pro

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This push up board was exactly what I was looking for a simple home gym solution. I've mostly used it for arm exercises, push ups and planks. Each accessory is pretty high quality and the board is very sturdy. The grip is firm and the base is stable as well. I really like it! Nice at home workout.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- C. Tom

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Performing push-ups flawlessly is a great challenge for those who have to settle for conventional methods of exercising such as yoga mats. They often end up with sore wrists and increased issues with their posture due to the incorrect positioning of body parts. It is also frustrating to spend money on workout equipment that only comes with one use, limiting your training sessions and making you feel unproductive.

Burnlab Color Coded Push Up Board

The Push Up Board tackles these vital issues through its specific and multifunctional design, created to assist you in your workout activities and relieve posture discomfort.

The Board is built from the finest quality materials and lasts ten times longer than usual workout equipment due to its sturdy design. The 9 in 1 feature makes sure that you can target desired muscles of the body to train them to perfection and enjoy your workout hours like never before.



 Burnlab Push Up Board

Color Coded Technology: The Push Up Board comes with several color coding options that target different muscles such as shoulders, chest, back, and arms. Now, you can train whichever area of the body needs exercising with increased convenience.


Plug and Press System: The Push Up Board is easy to assemble, and the handles can be plugged and pressed into any of the positions, requiring minimum effort. You have the comfort of training your upper body at any angle you want with this multifunctional board.

Burnlab Push Up Board

Compact Yet Powerful: The Push Up Board is portable and can be carried anywhere despite its high potential and uses. You no longer have to limit yourself to the gym and can also train as much as you desire at home.


Non-Slip Hand Grips: The cushioned bars of the Push Up Board ensures that your hands stay in the correct position while exercising. Now, your workout hours will not be disturbed with this sweat-resistant feature and you can continue training easily.

Burnlab Push Up Board

Inclusive of All Fitness Levels: The Push Up Board is designed to assist all levels of trainers and the difficult points of enhancing core strength. It does not matter if you are a beginner at exercising or have been doing it for years, because this board caters to every level of expertise.


We understand the irritation that comes with low-quality workout equipment that does not assist you properly in training specific muscles. It can be disheartening when exercising does not show the desired results and also causes stiffness and pressure on the joints due to improper placing. It is important that one's fitness equipment be reliable and portable so that exercising is never disrupted.

This is where the Push Up Board takes care of all training-needed requirements and provides you with an advanced design to restore your dedication to exercise. The 9 in 1 technique coupled with the anti-slip handlebars ensures that you never lose interest in improving your core strength and becoming the fittest version of yourself. The Push Up Board is a must-have for any fitness enthusiast regardless if they are a pro or just beginning. 



Color: Black

Size: 60*18*1.8cm

Supported Weight: 600 Pounds

Item Weight: 2.42 Pounds

Gender: Unisex

Material: ABS Plastic

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