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Insta Slushy

NEW Insta Slushy 2.0

NEW Insta Slushy 2.0

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Frozen Sensation in Seconds

🥤 Make a slushy effortlessly in seconds!

🥤 Perfect for tailgates, parties, and celebrations.

🥤 You can't go to the next party or family reunion without Insta Slushy.™

Ever Tried a Frozen Energy Drink?

🥤 Freeze Red Bulls, Monsters & Bangs etc.

🥤 Easily become the most creative host.

🥤 Turn your favorite beverage into a chilling sensation. 


The New Revolutionary Slushy Maker

 🥤 Make slushies and frozen smoothies instantly.


 🥤 Add milk and transform your beverage into a milk shake.


 🥤 Enjoy a new version of your favorite drink immediately. 


3 Simple Steps

Step 1. Freeze for 4-6 hours or until cup is frozen.


Step 2. Fill with your favorite beverage.


Step 3. Squeeze and enjoy.


Introducing Quick Freeze Technology

🥤 Insta Slushy's™ quick freeze technology freezes your drink in seconds.


🥤 Non-toxic food grade silicone for safe consumption.


🥤 Features a removable dome to prevent spills.


Frozen Magic

🥤 Take Insta Slushy™ to parties and make all your friends jealous.


🥤 The only thing you have to worry about is trying not to get a brain freeze. 


🥤 Making a slushy has never been easier with Insta Slushy.™

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