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Multiclean Non-Scratch Dishcloth

Multiclean Non-Scratch Dishcloth

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Introducing a Wire Dishwashing Rag unlike any other you've encountered! 

Effortlessly tackling stubborn stains on dishes, pots, grills, stoves, and more, this innovative cleaning cloth combines the cleaning prowess of microfiber with the scrubbing power of stainless steel, delivering a thorough clean without causing any scratches.

Safe for use on all kitchen surfaces, including dishes, pots, pans, countertops, and cooktops, it's a versatile solution for all your cleaning needs.

Join the ranks of the 87% of customers who've purchased 10 or more for various cleaning tasks! 

Efficient Cleaning Power:

Utilizing advanced diamond-shaped lattice weaving technology and high-quality metal wire material, this cleaning tool effortlessly removes rust, oil stains, stubborn mold, and more without causing any harm to your cookware or hands. It's a reliable companion in your kitchen chores.

Versatile Wet and Dry Use:

Thanks to its fine-hole design, this cloth creates a rich lather when wet, making it ideal for efficiently cleaning tableware, pots, and more. Alternatively, it can be used dry to tackle grills, stoves, and other surfaces with ease.

Quick-Drying and Absorbent:

Featuring a diamond-shaped plaid fabric surface, this cloth quickly absorbs moisture, ensuring efficient cleaning while also drying rapidly. Say goodbye to soggy cloths and hello to hassle-free cleaning!

Compact Design, Extensive Applications:

After use, simply hang it on the wall to save kitchen space and facilitate draining. Its compact size allows it to reach deep into containers and clean even the smallest openings with ease.

Long-lasting Durability:

This Wire Dishwashing Rag is designed to withstand repeated use without losing its effectiveness. Simply rinse it with water after use, and it's ready to tackle your next cleaning task, ensuring years of reliable performance.

Wide Range of Uses:

Versatile and reusable, this all-purpose cleaning cloth can be used to wipe kitchenware, cars, electronics, glasses, jewelry, stainless steel, home appliances, furniture, and more. Its efficient performance makes it an indispensable tool for your kitchen and beyond.

Gentle on Surfaces and Skin:

Rest assured that our cloth is gentle on both your cookware and your hands, so you can clean with confidence without worrying about causing damage.

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